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Ready meal trays


Depending on your needs and wishes we can create a completely new tray for any shape and size product. We will provide 3D visualizations, work out prototypes, launch into production and will take care of delivery.


  • MAP ( modified atmosphere packaging )

  • pasteurization (PP trays) 

  • up to 220C CPET trays

  • strong tray to provide optimal protection during transportation, loading and using.

  • Integration of logo on the packaging

  • one or several separations for different ingredients



  • PP/PET trays with smooth edges

    • 187x137x15 

    • 187x137x25

    • 187x137x37

    • 187x137x50

    • 187x137x63

  • triangular trays for sandwiches

    • with lids 2/3/4 

    • sealable 2/3/4

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