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Quail egg trays

We have designed and produce 100% recyclable plastic quail egg boxes.

In our product range you can find most popular sizes of transparent quail egg holders. 


  • 12eggs/pack 3x4

    • 700pcs /carton, 24cartons/pallet, 32pallets/truck​

  • 20eggs/pack 4x5

    • 600pcs /carton, 24cartons/pallet, 32pallets/truck

  • 12eggs/pack 2x6

    • 2000pcs /carton, 24cartons/pallet, 32pallets/truck



Depending on your needs and wishes we can create a completely new quail egg tray. We will provide 3D visualizations, work out prototypes, launch into production and will take care of delivery.

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