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     UAB Paka is customer tailored plastic packaging design and manufacturing leading company in the Baltic countries.

     We can help You If You are looking for your product non-standard packaging which you can’t find elsewhere, or you think that bring it from overseas is inconvenient and problematic. Our professional staff will listen to Your needs and ideas and make an appropriate proposal.

In case the package already exists in the market, we just do legal copy. Your requested we will simulate the product packaging and 3D visualization.

     If the package needs to create a fully tailored to your product, we will listen to your requests and comments, will provide sketches, create 3D images. After choosing right one we will provide a theoretical volume of the packaging, primary, secondary and tertiary packaging options.


     Confirming theoretical calculations we will provide prototypes. With "live" model/prototype You can finally decide on the suitability of the packaging or further adjustment. We are adjusting till our customers packing fulfill the initial specifications.

     Our equipment enables to manufacture small batches, so with minimal investments can make a few hundred examples, which your sales and marketing professionals can take to exhibitions or actively represent the desired markets. After breaking the ice we can easily move to seriously big batches.

     Our quality politics are close or the same as highest quality standards that’s why we are seeking for ISO and BRC, meanwhile we are working with Good manufacturing practice that meets all essential requirements of EU directives: 10/2011/EC; 1935/2004/EEC; 90/128/EEC; 85/572/EEC; 82/711/EEC; 93/43/EEC; 94/62/EC; 2023/2006.

     After confirming the packaging, we begin the process of supply - to form the desired product and raw material buffer in our warehouses, and coordinating the preferred delivery schedules.

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